Visible Registered Address

Are you happy for your home address to be publicly available to anyone with internet access?

A registered office is the official address of a company and forms part of the public record.

As a company director, your registered office address is accessible at Companies House as well as your home address as a company director unless you have nominated a different address to be your service address.  These records are all accessible free to the public by typing in either the name of your company or your name as company officer.

If you would prefer to protect this personal information, you may decide to choose our registered office service. Please contact us for more details.

Did you know legally that anyone can call themselves an ‘accountant’ without any training or experience?

You are therefore at risk of appointing a firm that is not qualified to do the work they have been engaged to do, and this can have real consequences for you or your business.

However, to call yourself ‘Chartered Accountants’ you must be a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW). Gaining membership of ICAEW is not an easy task, and rightly so. It involves many years of study and passing various examinations from accounting, financial management, audit, business strategy and tax. To continue as members of the ICAEW, accountants must maintain high standards of ethical and professional conduct. As a member firm, we follow the framework of quality assurance principles which covers laws, regulations and professional standards, client acceptance and disengagement, competence and quality control.

As a regulated firm, we are required by the ICAEW to have certain levels of professional indemnity cover in place in case things go wrong. We are also bound to retain your tax papers for sufficient time to assist you with meeting your regulatory obligations to HM Revenue & Customs.

Unfortunately, there are no such requirements for an unregulated accountant!