Stewarts Probate

Stewarts are pleased to announce we are one of the first Chartered Accountants in England and Wales licensed by the ICAEW to carry out the reserved legal service of probate.

Probate is the process of dealing with a deceased person’s estate including collecting all the assets in, calculating and paying any inheritance tax, paying any debts and distributing the estate in accordance with the will.

Vernon Soare, ICAEW executive director, said: “ICAEW has become a regulator and licensing authority for probate and ABS. This will open up the marketplace for the consumer, who might want their accountant to handle legal services too. Having more providers should also make the market more competitive.

“I am pleased that Stewarts Accountants has been awarded this licence and has realised the opportunities that ABS and probate will provide to both their business and their clients.”

We are proud to be in the position to support our clients in their inheritance tax and estate planning.  Based on the knowledge gained from our existing relationships, we will be able to provide relevant and complete advice.